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Live Event Review: PWG DDT4 2013


We had the ultimate pleasure of attending PWG’s annual tag team tournament, DDT4, this year, needless to say the event was amazing. Check out the full review after the jump.

PWG has had the reputation since it began of putting on some of the very best independent wrestling shows in the country. Alongside ROH, PWG consistently entertains. Our first PWG event was a great one, and has us hungry for more.

DDT4 was special this year, not just because PWG is excellent, but because this was El Generico’s last PWG show before he got signed to a WWE contract. El Generico is ingrained in the fabric that is PWG and his send off was tremendous.

The premise of DDT4 is a tag team tournament for the tag team titles. The champions defend during the tourney and the last team standing wins the belts. PWG brought in some great teams this year and even saw one team reuniting. The main attraction was the return of Steen & Generico as a tag team, and what would happen during Generico’s last appearance.

We had somewhat of an idea what we were getting into from the DVD releases. But watching it and being there are two completely different beasts. I never had the opportunity to go to an original ECW show, but I imagine this is what it felt like. Being in a crowd of totally crazy fans, witnessing some of the best athletes in the world, and bonding over something that not everyone else understands is an excellent feeling.

The card was as follows-


The Young Bucks VS Inner City Machine Guns (Rich Swann and Ricochet)

Two very athletic teams, who put on some of the most athletic matches in the world. Some of the hardest hitting kicks and spots I have ever seen. The Young Bucks are also extremely entertaining and always play the cocky heels perfectly. Excellent opening match, that set the tone for the rest of the evening. The Young Bucks pick up the win and advance.


Super Smash Bros. (Tag Champs) VS The Unbreakable Fucking Machines (Michael Elgin and Brian Cage)

Another excellent match. The power styles of Cage and Elgin meshed perfectly with SSB and their more Lucha style. Elgin and Cage were over big time and the two big men put on a great show. SSB had a nice showing but were ultimately over matched. The Fucking Machines picked up the win and the belts. Player Uno suffered a separated shoulder about half way through the bout, but finished valiantly and turned out to ultimately be OK.


The Dojo Bros. (Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong) VS Future Shock (Adam Cole and Kyle O’Riley)

This was a special match for me as this four are some of my favorite ROH guys, and having the chance to see them at all was amazing. Great match, with some excellent fan interaction. Easily four of the best wrestlers going today and they never disappoint, dick chops and all. Future Shock picked up the win. Adam Cole is really coming into his own as well, his personality really shines through on PWG shows, something that ROH needs to take advantage of.


The Briscoe Bros. VS Steen & Generico

Another mark out moment. Four more guys we were dying to see. The Briscoes also hadn’t been at a PWG show in a few years so they had a nice welcoming. Steen and Generico played up the tension excellently, as you could tell Kevin wasn’t comfortable tagging again with his former friend. These teams had some amazing matches in ROH and this one didn’t disappoint. The Briscoes are a talented team, even without the hardcore gimmick. Steen and Generico picked up the win, despite the tensions. Steen didn’t seem to delighted.


Round 2: The Young Bucks VS The Unbreakable Fucking Machines (Tag Champs)

The Bucks don’t disappoint. They bounced around perfectly for the big men throughout the match. The dynamic between the teams was awesome. The Young Bucks surprisingly picked up the victory despite the Machines dominance. They picked up the tag titles heading into the final round.


Round 2: Future Shock VS Steen & Generico

The tension between Steen and Generico loosened a bit as Steen focused his attention on Adam Cole who had recently beat him for the PWG Title. Great hard hitting action throughout. Steen opened up a little bit and they got some nice combo moves in the match, the ice was beginning to thaw, and it was great how they were building up their team work again each match. Steen & Generico would pick up the win and advance to the finals against the Young Bucks.

BBoy vs Willie Mack

Fuck BBoy. Very poor mans Homicide. He got no reaction and literally people hate him, X-Pac heat. Crap match.


Sami Calihan VS Drake Younger

These boys can go. I have always heard about Sami online but had never checked him out before. Same with Drake. This was the second match in their best of three series for the #1 Contender’s Spot. Sami had won the first, which meant Drake was winning the second, and he did. Great hardcore match, went all around the building, chair shots. Drake knocked Sami out for the win. Can’t wait to see match 3.


The Main Event

The Young Bucks (Tag Champs) VS Steen & Generico

Possibly match of the night. Again, The Bucks are amazing. Steen & Generico had hit their stride and the ice had finally thawed completely. They were working well together again. Another match that went all around the building, great spots and excellent crowd reaction. For awhile it looked like Steen & Generico were going to win the titles and Generico would go out on top, but the dastardly Bucks ruined the party and picked up the victory.

After the match Steen was left in the ring alone with Generico. Things could have gone either way, they have had such an intense rivalry these last few years that anything could have happened. But they embraced. Their were few dry eyes in the house. Steen’s words couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion, “Whatever you’re doing, or where ever you’re going it doesn’t matter. I want you to know, that I would be fucking nothing without you.” The locker room filed out, they all took a knee and waited for the speech. Generico being the true pro, kept in character and told everyone he had to go back to Mexico. A fitting night and a fitting tribute to one of the best.


Well worth the drive from Phoenix to Reseda and well worth the money spent. We plan on attending All Star Weekend 9 in March. If you are in the area I highly suggest you go, you will not have a better time at any other event, pro wrestling or otherwise.

Highlights of the night: Meeting El Generico, Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong, finally seeing Kevin Steen and The Bricsoes. Ole!


Me meeting El Generico.


Eddie Edwards, Me, and Roderick Strong


Tyler with Eddie and Roddy. Awesome picture.


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