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PWG Is Your Body Ready? Results and Review

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Another two months have passed and we attended yet another PWG show. The 6 hour drive, terrible L.A. roads, terrible L.A. traffic, and the high price of gas, never dissuade us from making the trek. The wrestling is that damn good. I was excited for this card perhaps more then any other, and  it didn’t disappoint. Check out the results and a review after the jump.

The Unbreakable F’n Machines def. RockNES Monsters

This was a solid opening tag match, but it was easily the most forgettable match of the night. This card was stacked so someone had to fall short. It seemed like at the beginning of the match that RockNES were having a tough time gelling with Cage and Elgin, by the end the four were putting together some great spots, but just as it seemed to get going it ended. I later read that Johnny Goodtime might have hurt his knee towards the end of the bout, which caused it to end early. Either way the better team won, and it was a decent way to open up the night. Hopefully this means Unbreakable Machines get a shot against The Young Bucks for the titles.

Kyle O’Reilly def. Davey Richards

These two have wrestled countless times in countless different promotions, so expecting anything less then greatness from these two is lunacy. This was perhaps the very best pure wrestling match of the night. The two friends started out with a fist bump and commenced with the one upmanship. The match started slow with some great grappling and built to a fever  pitch by the end. The two also threw in some comedy for the Reseda faithful as well, which is always nice coming from the two most serious men on the roster. Davey tapped in the end. Always nice seeing the veteran put over his protege. Davey gave his typical post match promo putting over his opponent. This one however was more then deserving. Davey pointing at   Excalibur stating, “You need to realize that this man, will be world champion someday.” Kyle is perhaps the most over guy in the company right now, so I don’t doubt it.

The Dojo Bros. def. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano

I kept telling Tyler that Chuck T. is the next big indy guy to get signed. He has it all and his matches always prove it. A wonderful tag match these men had. Some great spots, brutal chops, and speed that killed. Eddie E. and Roderick S. pick up the victory here but it was Chuck T. that I walked away being most impressed by. Watch the match for the chops alone.

Drake Younger def. Kevin Steen

This was the Kevin Steen I wanted to see since we have been attending these shows. The hardcore, fucking with the fans, pissed off, Kevin Steen. We got him this night. This was a great match, which lived up to the hype, considering this was the first time the men had ever wrestled. The match quickly spilled out side with the men fighting all over American Legion Post #308. Some crazy floor bumps were taken by both men. It wasn’t too insane, no blood, or really any weapons, but it was hard hitting and had the feeling that anything could happen. Adam Cole came out to ruin the fun when he hit Steen with the title belt. He went after Drake next, but was foiled. Drake took advantage and picked up the win. Much deserved.

The Young Bucks def. AR Fox and Samuray Del Sol

The best tag team in the world continued to prove why they’re the best. The Young Bucks don’t have bad or even OK wrestling matches. The Bucks have great wrestling matches every night. This was a perfect match up as all four men could keep up with each other. All the high flying was here. Surprisingly, Fox and Del Sol had most of the early offense and stayed on the Bucks hitting their big spots. Towards the end the Bucks finally took over and hit More Bang For Your Buck on Del Sol to pick up the victory. It is easy to see why WWE has picked up Del Sol, the man reminds me of a young Rey Mysterio. Doing moves that you didn’t think were possible and being so effortlessly smooth while doing them. It is a shame he won’t be back in Reseda, but I can’t wait to see him on TV.

Adam Cole def. Sami Callihan (60 Minute Iron Man Match for the PWG World Title)

Another case of two men that have wrestled each other countless times and to expect anything but greatness would have been selling them short. I felt tired after this one, and not because it started after midnight. These two went to the brink. I really liked how Adam Cole went 3-0 up on Sami almost instantly. It made for a great sense of urgency the rest of the match as Callihan played catch up. The matched slowed down at points, as Iron Man Matches often do, but both men kept the crowd in it, with great comedy and banter. You could tell by the end that I, along with the rest of the packed house, were tiring out by the 1 AM mark. I would never want the job of main eventing a PWG show, let alone at 1 AM. But these two seemed up to the task. Around 29 minutes in, Sami Callihan earned his first fall via his Stretch Muffler submission hold. He transitioned quickly to a rear naked choke for a second fall a minute later. The men then countered with a series of back and forth roll ups which saw Sami score two falls and take the lead 4-3. 37 Minutes in, Cole tied things up with a Straight Jacket German Suplex and then took the lead with a Flip Pile Driver. Sami rolled Cole up with just 12 minutes to go to even things up at 5. But with just 3 minutes left Cole hit a roll up of his own to take the lead 6-5. Cole went on the run next, trying to run out the clock. Which I thought was brilliant. He tripped up entering the ring though and got caught in Sami’s Stretch Muffler submission again. Time expired with the crowd begging Cole to tap. Cole had retained 6-5.

Cole and Sami embraced after the match. Cole being the perfect heel, low blowed Sami and put the boots to the Callihan Death Machine. Steen ran Adam Cole off to the back. It is amazing how much heat Adam Cole can get from “smart” fans. The man is a perfect heel. Most of the locker room emptied after the match and they celebrated Sami’s impactful but short time in PWG. The man is off to WWE. Which is well deserved.

Another great night of wrestling action in Reseda. I seriously hope that these events weren’t so good, so I never had to go back to California again…but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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