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WWE Payback, Results and Review


WWE’s first edition of the Payback PPV was a good one, perhaps the best WWE PPV of the year. Check out the results and more, after the jump!


Curtis Axel def. Wade Barrett and The Miz (Intercontinental Title)

I am glad Fandango got hurt. I don’t ever want to see a wrestler go down to injury, but let’s be totally honest here, we all want Curtis Axel to be IC Champ, rather then Fandango. This was a great opener and the crowd was into it from the start. Axel played the role of smart heel here and picked up the victory pinning Barrett while he was stuck in The Miz’s terrible Figure Four. Perfect booking. Curt Hennig and Curtis Axel become the first father and son to hold the IC Title. On Father’s Day no less. Hopefully this leads to a fruitful reign with actual defenses.


AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn (Diva’s Title)

A rare diva’s match that actually had a build up. It was a decent bout. AJ Lee picked up the victory by submission. It was the best thing to do. AJ has been the most over Diva in the company for a long time, and she deserves it. I could have done without the post match crying, but whatever.


Dean Ambrose def. Kane via countout (U.S. Title)

It would have been nice to see Dean get the clean win here, but that is nit picking. The right man won at least. A decent match, that was over before it got started. Hopefully this feud stops here and Dean gets an opponent that better matches his style and he can really start tearing the house down. The leader of the Shield is poised for big things in the ‘E.


Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Title)

The second best match of the night contained the biggest surprises of the night. Dolph Ziggler lost in his first title defense and we had a double turn. I loved Alberto Del Rio’s mean streak in this one. His constant kicks to the head really seemed nasty and showed how much the title meant to him. Ziggler played the perfect role of injured champ trying to fight on. These two are some of the best workers in the company and hopefully the double switch means this feud will continue past this PPV. I would look for Ziggler to retain the title at the next PPV as a conquering baby face.


CM Punk def. Chris Jericho

Match of the night here. Not that it was a stretch to figure that out. These two work well together and proved it again. CM Punk picked up the much needed victory here after coming off two big PPV loses. Punk looked a little sluggish throughout the match which isn’t surprising since he hasn’t wrestled since Mania. Good counter wrestling through out, which saw Punk hit the GTS for the win.


The Shield def. Team RKNO (Tag Team Titles)

Hopefully this means that Daniel Bryan will finally get the singles push he so rightfully has earned. He is the most over man in company. More then John Cena. More then CM Punk. His pop last night was comparable to Punk’s. This was a good tag match, that made Bryan look even better. Reigns and Rollins are really starting to build some chemistry as they start to work with just each other more and more. Orton seemed out of place and just kind of there as everyone was more over then Mr. RKO. The Shield hangs onto the title belts, hopefully they get some real teams to feud with.


John Cena def. Ryback (Three Stages of Hell, WWE Title)

Easily the worst match of the evening. It wasn’t that it was that bad, it was that the rest of the card was that match better. The Chicago crowd didn’t give a shit about this match. This feud is done. Ryback won the first fall, Cena won the second and then the third. They did some cool spots and you could tell they were working hard, but CM Punk vs Y2J should have been the main event. The crowd was done after all the action and didn’t really care to begin with. Hopefully Cena moves onto someone else…hopefully someone named Daniel Bryan.

This PPV proved that WWE can still put on a good PPV worth the price of admission. Each match had it’s own buildup and every title was on the line on the main card. Why can’t they do this every month now?


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