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3 Things Christian Must Do


Christian is finally back in a WWE ring. The man got hurt mid last year, he has been cleared to return to the ring for about 3 months, and WWE has just now decided to bring Captain Charisma back into the fold. Christian had a dream year in 2011 finally winning the World Championship, not once, not twice, but twice. This is the Christian we want to see in 2013 and these are the three things the man most do to get back into title contention.

1.) Turn Heel

Christian is a good baby face, but Christian is a great heel. The man excels as a bad guy and all of his greatest moments came from him being booed. He needs to turn heel, sooner rather then later. With Dolph Ziggler turning baby face the time is right for a Christian heel turn. Get that belt back on Dolph and have a dirty heel Christian swap the belt back and forth a few times, ultimately putting over Mr. Ziggler. The matches will be excellent, perhaps better then the show stealing matches put on by Orton and Christian back in 2011.

2.) Stay Out of the Mid-Card

Christian doesn’t need another IC title run, he doesn’t need another Tag Team title run, Christian needs to stay in the upper card or even main event. He isn’t old enough where he should be jobbing to young talent every week and he isn’t young enough that he needs a solid mid-card run to get over. Have the man feud for the top titles. Potential feuds with Dolph, Orton or even John Cena are intriguing.

3.)  Get Mic Time

Christian is a proven commodity on the mic, so give him the time to shine. Let the man cut some promos and get back in touch with his audience. I miss the “peeps” Christian where every time he had a microphone it was must see TV.

Christian is that rare all around good performer, he can do it all, with anybody. WWE needs to take advantage of that. Who knows how long he will keep things going and the man deserves a true run at the top.


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  1. Nice article man, would appreciate you checking out my blog if you get the time 🙂

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