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Top 5 Guys That Need To Be Pushed By TNA


Despite the few duds that I mentioned here. TNA has a good roster on its hands. A solid mix of veteran and young talent make things exciting about the possibilities that could be in Impact Wrestling. Sadly, these possibilities have been here for years and very rarely has Dixie and Co. ever capitalized on it. These are the top 5 guys that TNA needs to start pushing. Guys that have earned it and have proven they can run with the ball.

1.) Samoa Joe


The Samoan Submission Machine has done it all in TNA. Lately though he has been doing nothing. I can’t remember the last time Samoa Joe was relevant in the company. Probably when he was champ. Truly sad. The man cuts a great promo and he is perhaps the best wrestler on the roster. He is also eternally over with the fans and can do no wrong. Why Samoa Joe isn’t still a face of the company is beyond me. Put him with anyone and the matches are great. Isn’t that what a champion is supposed to do?

2.) Christopher Daniels


Don’t get me wrong here, Bad Influence is awesome. They are one of the best tag teams TNA has seen in recent years. But, Daniels has never won the big one. I would love to see Chris finally take his spot at the top of the roster. Much like Samoa Joe, Daniels can do it all. He has always been over looked much to do with AJ Styles. But, Daniels deserves much of the same success and attention AJ has garnered. A consummate ring general and great promo, it would be awesome to see Daniels grab that brass ring, at least once.

3.) Kazarian


Much like his Bad Influence running mate, Kazarian has done it all in TNA except win the World Title. His promos and ring work have gotten better through the years and he seems to be just know reaching the pinnacle of his run. Whether or not that leads to singles gold remains to be seen. Bad Influence is a great team. But separated TNA could have two new main event players on their hands, with the right push.

4.) Joey Ryan


Joey Ryan came into the company like a house of fire. He had the wrestling world a buzz after his Gut Check. Then it quickly fell apart. He feuded with Al Snow. Then he was paired with Matt Morgan. Not even Joey Ryan could overcome those anchors. The man gets over because he portrays his gimmick so well, but he can work as well. Just watch his PWG days. You have a guy that lives his gimmick, works his ass off in the ring, and can get over instantly, and you put him with Matt Morgan. Joey either should be right in the X-Division title hunt and paired up with an equally sleazy Knockout. He also has a mustache that Tom Selleck envies.

5.) Eric Young


Eric Young is one of the funniest wrestlers on the planet. I understand that he is busy doing his own thing now. But the dude is hilarious. That shouldn’t be a determent though. Just because he is funny, doesn’t mean he should be in a tag team with ODB. EY can wrestle. His Team Canada days prove it. Perhaps TNA should even think about turning him heel again, which I thought worked tremendously. I am not saying a World Title run is in the cards here, but perhaps a solid mid-card run, with some actual story line and buildup.


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