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The Briscoe Brothers to WWE?


Cosmetically appealing?

“You aren’t cosmetically appealing.” This is what WWE brass told #Demboys the last time they had a WWE tryout. Well, the rumor mill is fired up again. According to The Briscoe Brothers are WWE bound. Apparently their ROH contracts are fulfilled and their last dates were Best in the World and the following days TV tapings. If these rumors are true, I am extremely happy for the Brothers Briscoe. No two men have worked harder at their craft then these men from Delaware. If they do end of in the ‘E they instantly become the best tag team in a division that severely needs some new blood. As of this writing Jay Briscoe still holds the ROH World Title, the next string of ROH shows take place towards the beginning of July, perhaps look for a title swap at one of these events. Until we find out what is happening with the Briscoes, take a look at some classic Briscoe clips.


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  1. great blog I am a huge WWE viewer from Switzerland

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