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Top 4 NXT Wrestlers


This is the definitive list of the top 10 current NXT wrestlers. These are the guys and girl ready for Raw and Smackdown and should have been there yesterday. This list won’t feature guys who were once on the main roster and got sent back down, so no Bray Wyatt’s or Curt Hawkins’ here. Check out the list after the jump.

1.) Adrian Neville

The man is flawless. I don’t think I have ever seen him botch, and his style is one that lend’s itself to botching. “The Man Gravity Forgot,” would be instantly over with the main audience. He is a good Sincara, without the terrible mask, entrance, and outfit.

2.) Kassius Ohno

The former Chris Hero is simply one of the Kings of Wrestling. His hard hitting style, soft spoken promos, and unorthodox style, make him stand out from the mostly boring and bland around him.

3.) Sami Zayn

Easily the best worker in NXT. The former El Generico is world renowned, and respected by all of his peers. Ask anybody who has worked with him before, and it is a safe bet they will say he is the best going in NXT today.

4.) Paige

The anti-diva has been in a wrestling ring since she was 13 years old, she grew up in the business, and it shows. She is already more polished and ready then 3/4 of the Divas roster.

Notice the one thing all of these people have in common. They have been practicing their trade for years. They aren’t a college wrestler or football star, they didn’t stumble into a wrestling ring. They don’t need to be dumbed down and retooled into anything other then themselves.


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