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Taz Headed Back To WWE?


It’s Taz!

Is the human suplex machine headed back to the WWE? Rumors say he is. According to multiple wrestling sites Taz’s TNA contract is either expired, or about to expire. The man from Red Hook also tweeted some interesting things, stating there was a big show coming up soon near his home town at the new Barclay Center. Raw is that big show. I am not opposed to Taz coming back to WWE, anything is better then him being Ace’s and Eight’s announcer. But the announcing scene in WWE is already so crowded. We currently have Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, JBL, and Josh Matthews.

Five announcers and both main shows already have 3 man announce teams to begin with. Please don’t move JBL, he is the only bright spot in the situation. The best bet would be to move Matthews off of Smackdown and put Taz in his place. Also possibly alternating the PPVs between JBL and Taz. Or perhaps give Lawler a fucking break, his act is more then old at this point. Either way, enjoy some nice Taz clips. Also, Taz was always the best in Smackdown 2 for PS1, those suplexes were lethal.


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