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Who Will Survive? WWE Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match


All former world champions. Who will grab the briefcase?

I am actually really stoked for Money in the Bank for the first time in a long time. I really like how WWE created a much different feel for both the ladder matches and not just more of the same. Splitting it up into main eventers and underdogs is perfect in my view, and should have been done a long time ago. After the jump I am gonna take a look at each mans chances of walking out with the coveted briefcase in the WWE title Ladder Match.

CM Punk

The second city saint has a pretty high chance of grabbing the brief case. It seems that they are really trying to hype the fact that Punk want’s another reign with the WWE title and the first step is climbing that ladder and grabbing the briefcase. However, his impending feud with Brock Lesnar takes precedence over any future WWE title run. I would say CM Punk has the second best chance of walking out with the contract.

Daniel Bryan

Bryan is the most over guy in the WWE at the moment, so that makes him the perennial favorite in this match. Early reports have called for him and Cena to feud for the WWE title, but as always plans can change. I look for Bryan to win the briefcase and cash in against Cena for a match at SummerSlam. Whether or not he wins that match is an entirely different story. Much like Punk, Bryan has gotten over in spite of WWE and the company has no choice but to use him. As of right now Bryan has the best chance of winning that contract.


The returning RVD has momentum on his side here, as his pops are getting bigger and bigger every time his vignettes air. I don’t see him winning a WWE title match in his first match back though. He will be mega over in Philly and will surely get some cool spots in. I give him the third best chance here as he could be a surprise winner, but too much too soon.

Randy Orton

Randy is one of the few left that have an outside chance of winning. He hasn’t done anything major in a few years now. Apparently the heel turn isn’t coming anytime soon. He hasn’t won the briefcase before and I don’t see that changing in Philly. I wouldn’t be totally taken off guard if he won, but I don’t see it happening either. Randall needs to turn heel again sooner rather then later to get out of this rut he has been in. RKO has the fourth best chance of winning the match.


Christian should have won this match years ago. He has just been brought back to TV and already it seems that people are scratching their heads with what to do with him. He is a dark horse in the match, just like every other year, but I doubt they will ever pull the trigger and have him win the briefcase. Now is as good a time as any, but I don’t see it happening. Christian comes in with the fifth best chance of winning the contract.


Kane never has any chance of winning. Except that one time he won. With all of the talent in this match that is more over then he is, I don’t see Kane even coming close to snatching the case. Look for some chokeslam spots and the inevitable run in with his Team Hell No counterpart Daniel Bryan. Kane has the sixth worst chance of winning in Philly.


Sheamus hasn’t done anything important in months. He literally does the same thing every week. He has no chance of winning. White noise on a ladder spot and he is finished. Sheamus has the worst chance of winning, which is no chance.

All in all this is shaping up to be a great ladder match with some interesting dynamics. There are a few obvious choices and a few dark horses so it will be interesting to see who will win the contract and most likely the title down the line.


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