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Who Will Survive? World Title Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Who will survive?

Who will survive?

This is the match that interests me most about the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. 7 young talents, 7 heels, 7 guys who truly deserve a spot towards the top of the card. This will most likely open up the show, and it is one hell of an opener. This match is an even tougher call then the other ladder match. Each of these guys truly has a chance of winning. But just who has the biggest chance? Find out after the jump.

Wade Barrett

I say the man from England has the best chance of grabbing that briefcase. It is put up or shut up time for Wade. They have started and stopped his push so many times it is ridiculous. He has wrestled everywhere on the card and puts on solid matches no matter where he is. I think this is the opportunity for WWE to take Wade to the next level and he can finally solidify himself towards the top of the card. He deserves it if nothing else. Wade Barrett has the best chance of winning the contract.

Cody Rhodes

The Dashing One has just a good a chance of winning as Wade does. He is in pretty much the same boat as Wade. He has won every title except the big one and can only toil around the mid-cards for so long before he is stuck there permanently. He has all the tools and the DNA to become a great World Champion. The question is, is if WWE will pull the trigger. The briefcase might be the push Cody needs to really take himself to the next level, and really step out of Dusty’s shadow. Cody is a slight second behind Wade.

Dean Ambrose

The Shield is one of the hottest groups that has come to WWE in quiet some time. The perfect combination of guys and build has turned them into something to watch. Dean Ambrose has rightfully taken his place at the forefront of the group and it seems that WWE believes  in him. He is more of a dark horse here as he has just won the US Title and perhaps winning MITB could be too much too soon. I would be surprised if he won, but not completely shocked. The former Jon Moxley has the third best chance of winning.


Fandango took the wrestling world by storm after his theme song got over. I am not totally sold on the guy, and the gimmick to me will never truly be taken seriously. However, Vince McMahon reportedly has always been behind the gimmick and the man, so that helps. He has the fourth best chance of winning here, but honestly I don’t see him ever gaining back the momentum he once had. WWE likes to throw curve balls in every once in awhile, but he has never held a title before and perhaps winning MITB is a little much.

Damien Sandow

As much as I would love to see the robed one climb the ladder to success it is a far shot. Another guy that has all the tools to be successful but I don’t see the company getting fully behind him. Much like Dean, and Fandango, I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see him win, but again it is a long shot. A nice US or IC title reign should be in his future soon, and then perhaps a big win like MITB, we will see. Sandow has the fifth best chance of winning here.

Antonio Cesaro

Man I would mark out if Cesaro won. Perhaps no other man in WWE has my attention more then Antonio Cesaro. Has anyone ever looked more like a World Champion? I still do not understand why his push stopped. But his partnership with Zeb and Swagger makes me happy. At least he has something going on. If he won it would be the best and biggest surprise in all my years of watching WWE programming, but that isn’t going to happen. His push just got killed and is just now getting going again. He has the sixth best chance here.

Jack Swagger

The only former MITB winner and World Champion in this match. Jack Swagger has been started and stopped far too many times, and I feel his opportunity is done. He had so much momentum before his DUI bust and it has all went down the drain. Swagger has almost no chance of winning this. I won’t count him out because it seems that WWE appreciates his athleticism, size, and skill, but ultimately I think his chances are up. He has the seventh best chance of winning.

Almost all of these guys are on an even playing field. Ultimately there really is no clear favorite heading into this match, and I could see WWE going in every direction here. Yes, I feel some guys have a slight edge over others, but I will be on the edge of my seat the entire time.


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