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Sting to WWE? Here We Go Again!


The Icon to the ‘E?

Like clockwork. The Sting to WWE rumors have started up again. According to The Wrestling Observer and multiple other news outlets, apparently the Icon is looking to jump ship to WWE. Apparently, Sting was highlighted in the vignette package on former World Champions for a reason. Even though Sting is many years past his prime, this would still be one of the biggest things to ever occur in wrestling history. Sting, for all intents and purposes was WCW and is now TNA. He has been the antithesis to WWE for his entire career. This would be the best career move Sting could possibly make, WWE owns his whole career. At least the parts of his career that matter the most.

He could go to WWE, get dream matches over with, go into the real wrestling Hall of Fame, and ride off into the sunset. Only WWE can do this man’s career and contribution to the business justice. I also feel like we are past the whole, “we gotta bury WCW guys thing,” that was going on when WCW first went under. Imagine the pop on Raw? And please pay the money to get Metallica’s “Seek N Destroy.” Or, this could just be a lot of over reaction to a vignette that probably had absolutely no hidden meaning.


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