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TNA Releases 07-03-13


It seems that TNA didn’t get the memo that Summer has already started, and spring cleaning should have been done months ago. A total of 5 releases have occurred just today in TNA Wrestling. Joey Ryan, Christian York, Crimson, Madison Rayne, and Taeler Hendrix, have all been let go from their TNA contracts. While I do not want any wrestlers to lose work, I feel that this was bound to happen. TNA has reportedly taken on a lot of costs to take Impact on the road, and something had to give. My only real gripe with this is that three of these people came out of TNA’s Gut Check segment which has been great, but now looks pointless.

It seems that every one released was getting a guaranteed monthly payment and paid per appearance as well. Most of these people weren’t on TV very much, so it makes no sense to pay people you don’t use. WCW anyone? Joey Ryan could have done so much more, but I will be thrilled to finally see him back in the house he built, PWG. I never liked Christian York or Crimson. Madison Rayne was sexy, she was decent in the ring, and made a lot of progression. Would be nice to see her in WWE. I never once saw Taeler Hendrix in action. Hopefully everyone lands on their feet. Reportedly TNA has possibly had some problems making payroll, so more releases could be on their way.


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