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PWG Matt Rushmore Results/Review


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla continues to be the very best that independent wrestling has to offer, not only in the south west but the entire country. October 19th, Matt Rushmore proved this once again. A very fun night was had in Reseda and we went away feeling we had seen the show of the year. Match results and review after the jump. SPOILERS AHEAD!


The show kicked off with a great segment which saw Mt. Rushmore interrupt Excalibur’s intro. Every day is Earth day to Excalibur, but not to Mt. Rushmore. Cole, Steen, and the Young Bucks came out with a bag full of garbage and poured it all over the ring, Adam Cole even super kicked a beer can. Mt. Rushmore cut great promos exclaiming they were the only reason people were here tonight and that they are the best PWG has to offer, (hard to argue with that point). Excalibur then retaliated for all the trash by making the Young Bucks’ match against Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae for the Tag Team Titles. Great opening promos to get the show going and rightfully much of this show was going to revolve around the newly formed Mt. Rushmore.

1.)B-Boy & Willie Mack def. Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas

The first match of the night had the most potential of being a dud, but luckily it kicked off the show in good fashion. B-Boy is by far the worst wrestler to be booked on PWG shows, never have I been impressed with him either in person or on DVD, we went into this match with low expectations which most likely helped. Willie Mack has either been good or really bad whenever we see him, he seems to have hot and cold nights, this was one of his better outings though. We had never seen Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas before and they made this match with their great selling, crowd interaction, and comedy spots. The match really got the crowd involved right from the start and much of it saw Avalon and Rosas bumping for the bigger men. Peter can bump with the best of them, and has some of the best facial expressions I have seen in a long time. B-Boy and Willie picked up the victory which is fine, but I really want to see Avalon and Rosas booked more frequently in PWG.

2.)Kevin Steen def. ACH

Another good match. I know these men have had better, but they put on a good show. Steen was in top form, jaw jacking with the fans, and basically being Kevin Steen. Big man versus little man in this one, with ACH bumping for Steen and then ACH hitting his high spots. This was our first time seeing ACH in person. The man is talented no doubt, but I don’t see the hype. Steen made much of the match for me with his antics and power moves. ACH almost caught Steen a few times, but Steen won after a package piledriver. After the match Steen called for the mic. He started putting ACH over but quickly turned by kicking ACH in the gut and delivering another package piledriver. As ACH was being helped up, Steen returned from the back and delivered a third package piledriver for good measure. This was the Kevin Steen I have been wanting to see.

3.)Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent?) def. AR Fox and Rich Swann

The pairing of Chuck Taylor and Trent is an excellent one, both men are great workers and both are hilarious, it just works. This match had all the comedy and high flying you would expect from these men. After a few PWG shows Trent seems to be coming into his own and his pairing with Taylor has really helped him with the crowd. Fox and Swann both looked great as always, but having Trent and Chuck sell for you definitely helps. The best team won here and I wouldn’t mind seeing the Best Friends challenge the Bucks for the titles sometime soon.

4.)Drake Younger def. Tommaso Ciampa, Brian Cage, and Anthony Nese

This was the match I was most looking forward to, and it delivered on every level. Each guy looked like a million bucks and they stole the show. When professional wrestling really works everybody involved in the match comes out looking better, regardless of who wins. This match is proof of that. Nese was impressive and got a lot of his high flying in. Cage did most of his power spots and looked great as usual. Tommaso came out like a house of fire, pushing a fan down as he came out of the back, he was looking for a fight. Drake was easily the smallest man in the match but was by far the most over, and why shouldn’t he be, he is one of the nicest men in all of wrestling.  Drake hit his beautiful top rope moonsault to the floor on all three men. His feet clipped the lamp above, breaking the light bulb, which made for a cool moment. The match had almost zero downtime throughout it, and each man had something to prove. Tommaso looks better post surgery then he did before, which is hard to believe. It was great to finally see him in person. Drake picked up the victory after hitting Drake’s Landing on Ciampa. Ciampa and Nese deserve to be booked more after their performances, while Drake and Brian continue to make the case that they should be in the title picture.

5.)Johnny Gargano def. Roderick Strong

This was perhaps the biggest upset of the night with Johnny Gargano picking up the victory over PWG veteran Roderick Strong. This was a great 1 on 1 match up with each man really shinning. Roddy took a hard spill right in front of us, landing on his shoulder, scary moment, but he seemed OK and carried on. Gargano continues to impress and has moved up the ranks quickly in PWG. He picked up the victory after making Strong tap out to the GargaNO Escape. A great match to kick off the second half of the show. Two consummate professionals.

6.)The Young Bucks def. Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae

This match came very close to surpassing the four way, but just came up short. The Young Bucks continue to prove that they are the best tag team in wrestling. They can wrestle anybody and make them look tremendous. Candice and Joey more then held up their end of the match as well. Candice is the best female wrestler I have ever seen live. She hit all of her spots flawlessly and kept right up with Matt and Nick. Joey looked great as well, the sleaze was flowing nicely. It was a nice touch putting the titles on the line which added a little more meaning to the match. It looked like Joey and Candice were actually going to pull out a victory quite a few times, but the Bucks went over after hitting More Bang For Your Buck on Candice.

7.)Adam Cole def. Kyle O’Reilly

Cole and O’Reilly had their work cut out for them by the time the main event rolled around. They had to follow up 6 great matches. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as some of their previous match ups, but it was still an excellent match. Kyle looked strong throughout and was more than a threat to Cole’s PWG title. This was a very back and forth match up with neither man really getting the upper hand. It broke down toward the end with expected interference, first from the Bucks, who were cut off, and then from Steen, who helped Cole retain his PWG title. “Bullshit” chants came from the crowd after the cluster fuck finish. Mt. Rushmore continued to attack Kyle after the match which drew most of the PWG locker room out to fend them off. Mt. Rushmore bailed, Gargano grabbed a mic and challenged Cole to a match for the title at the next show. Kyle gave his approval, asking for a title shot if Gargano beats Cole. This was the one blemish on an otherwise perfect show. Kyle O’Reilly your BOLA 2013 winner is already out of the title picture after one match. The man is really starting to come into his own in PWG and is finally starting to connect with the crowd on a deeper level and he is passed over for Gargano. He gets beat, then beat down post match, and then gives his consent to Gargano. Can’t make Kyle look more weaker then that. Hopefully he gets another shot later down the line, but the ending left a bad taste in my mouth.

Mt. Rushmore came out of the show looking really strong, which is perfect. I wish Kyle was handled better, but each match delivered. I highly recommend purchasing the DVD when it comes out. You can pre order it here.



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