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TNA Bound For Glory 2013 Review


Bound For What?

To say that TNA is in a state of flux right now would be the understatement of the year. It seems every day something new is coming out about TNA’s contract issues, travel issues, money issues, or a combination thereof. Just because the company has become the butt of everyone’s jokes recently, doesn’t mean they can’t put out some decent wrestling still.  Yes, the nonsensical booking and extreme misuse of talent can grow aggravating at times, and TNA doesn’t have the luxury of being WWE, where we all complain but continue to watch RAW and follow the product more so out of habit than anything else. But fuck it, maybe Bound For Glory 2013 can right the ship and steer TNA into smoother waters, or maybe it will turn them into the hurricane many of us picture the company hitting. Find out after the jump.


Hail Sabin?

X Division Championship Match
Chris Sabin def. Austin Aries, Manik, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy in Ultimate X

Chris Sabin picks up the victory in an awkward Ultimate X match.  The match is strictly living off its past glory and I can’t remember the last one I enjoyed. One would think that having four former world champions in a match for the X title would help bring back some prestige, but it just makes things awkward and even more obvious they have no idea what to do with these men. Austin Aries and Samoa Joe are the two very best wrestlers in the company. They can do it all, and yet you have them jerking the curtain in a gimmick match. Chris Sabin just came off having the world title, so much for that push. Despite me hating Jeff Hardy, he is still the most popular wrestler in the company, there are better ways to use him. Also, just let TJ Perkins be TJ Perkins. Chris Sabin picks up the win after he uses Velvet Sky as a distraction. Ultimate X used to be the match where the young X Division guys would steal the show and be the talk of the internet for years to come, now it is the match where former world champions go to get on the card. The match was fine, but four of the competitors deserve better and one guy just needs to be himself.

What is a BroMan?

What is a BroMan?

Tag Team Championship Match
The BroMans (Robbie E and Jesse) def. James Storm and Gunner

Hard to believe James Storm and Gunner were tag champs for that long. James Storm is another guy that deserves better then to be saddled with random tag teams. One of them worked out (Beer Money) but Gunner is a fucking anchor. The BroMans win. The TNA tag division used to be a highlight of every TNA show. The match was fine, something you would see every Thursday. At least an actual tag team won the belts I suppose.

Sting comes out next to formally induct Kurt Angle into the TNA Hall of Fame. Kurt turns it down. I don’t understand the point of this, and knowing TNA we will never fully get an explanation, but just so we are aware they are turning their Hall of Fame into a fucking story line, so obviously they want it to be legitimate.

Gail Kim is still great.

Gail Kim is still great.

Knockouts Championship Match
Gail Kim def. ODB, and Brooke

One of the better matches of the evening. ODB came in as the defending champ but Gail Kim walked out with the belt after some help from newcomer Lei’D Tapa. All three ladies worked really well together and kept the match flowing nicely. The crowd was pretty much dead the entire match, but I can’t really blame the ladies for that. Regardless, it was a good match. Brooke has improved ten fold since when she first arrived, and she is still gorgeous. ODB has always been good, and Gail Kim continues to be one of the best female wrestlers on the planet. Gail pinned Brooke after Brooke took a vicious power bomb from the interfering Lei’D. She is an amazon of a woman, with a terrible ring name. I am always a fan of female bodyguards though. Sadly the Knockouts division is a shell of its former self.

Bobby Roode utilizes the crossface against Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode utilizes the Crossface against Kurt Angle.

Bobby Roode def. Kurt Angle

This was easily the best match of the night. Despite Angle’s recent troubles he is still one of the very best wrestlers going today, the man hasn’t lost a step in the ring. Bobby Roode has only gotten better with age and he has always been a standout on the TNA roster. These two have battled in the past so they know each other well and it shows. This wasn’t a spotfest, it was a nice back and forth match that built to a climax and ebbed and flowed nicely. Roode worked on Angle’s neck throughout prepping for the Crossface submission, while Angle remained on the defensive, working on reversals into the Ankle Lock. They played up Kurt’s ring rust nicely, with Bobby always being one step ahead. The finish came out of nowhere but made sense in the grand scheme of things. Angle hit a top rope Angle Slam on Roode, both men laid out exhausted. Bobby answered the count of 10 before they were both counted out, he crawled on top of Angle who was knocked out from the Angle Slam and picked up the 3. The rightful man won. Angle doesn’t need to be winning matches anymore or winning titles, he needs to be putting over younger talent.

Ethan Carter III def. Norv Pernum (Peter Avalon)

The former Derrick Bateman made his TNA debut. He was in great shape. That is about it. Oh, and he stole Matt Taven’s finish. So there is that as well. Peter Avalon bumped around for him and made him looked better then he deserved. A squash on a PPV, gotta love it.

Magnus def. Sting

I died a little inside after watching this match. Sting cannot have good matches anymore. He just can’t go anymore. Yes, Magnus isn’t exactly Shawn Michaels here, but honestly Sting is a liability. Any chance of a WWE run has surely left the building. If he ever did come, I doubt they would want him to wrestle in a t shirt and baggy pants, getting blown up a few minutes in. This match was the shits. Magnus picks up the win, which is fine. Sting doesn’t need to win a match ever again and he will still be more over then the rest of the roster. TNA didn’t have pictures of this match or the previous one online…


Main event time!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles def. Bully Ray

I really want to like this match. There were a lot of cool spots. The two competitors told a great story, and they worked well together. But, I just can’t bring myself to like it due to the fact that there were three different run ins during the match. A run in at the beginning, a run in at the middle, and a run in at the end. All the run ins seemed to break the flow of the match and by the time they got going again, another run in was happening. Take out the run ins from Aces and Eights and you have yourself a great main event. I understand that with a faction run ins are inevitable, but have AJ take them out earlier in the night to prevent your main event from becoming a cluster fuck. Keep the Dixie run in at the end, because that helps further your overall arc, but keep the rest of Aces and Eights away. Plenty of cool spots in this one, including AJ trying a 450 from the top rope to the announcers table. Bully was smart enough to move and AJ crashed and burned. The Spiral Tap made an appearance which is always nice as well.

Overall Bound For Glory 2013 was decent. Some of the booking leaves you scratching your head, but AJ becoming champion is the right thing for the company to do, especially with all the turmoil. Why not put it on the guy who has been there since day one and proven he should be the face of the company? I don’t think it necessarily righted the ship completely, but the right people went over and that is a step in the right direction.


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