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The Hulk Hogan Dilemma

One more run brother?

One more run brother?

Hulk Hogan has consistently been posted about on the dirt sheets for years now. Whether it was about him going to TNA, his sex tape, or his current contract situation. It seems you can at least count on one Hogan post a day. He is still one of, if not the, biggest name in professional wrestling. Hogan has been grabbing recent headlines due to his contract expiring with TNA. Rumors quickly began swirling about a possible return to WWE. As of this writing the Hulkster is still a free agent. Apparently he has been in talks with WWE but reportedly the company low balled Hogan. He was featured in ads for Bound For Glory but was quickly removed and didn’t appear on the show. It seems that Hulk Hogan is the only one who knows what is happening to Hulk Hogan, maybe.

If I was the Hulkster I am going to the company that effectively owns everything of relevance I ever did, and that would be the WWE. The Hulk Hogan and TNA experiment should effectively come to an end. Neither party gained anything from the relationship and TNA would be better off focusing on their own stars. I would love to see Hogan at WrestleMania XXX as well. Not in a wrestling capacity, but just to pay respect to a man who helped shape WrestleMania into what it is today. Either way the mans wrestling days should be behind him. Make appearances, utilize your name, and cut some promos.

Hogan shouldn’t be the star of any show he is on. That might be a tough pill to swallow for a man who has effectively been in the spotlight his entire career, but it is time to step aside. If Hogan does decide to head back to TNA I would love to see the man learn from his mistakes, and make the show more about younger talent. WWE is the best situation for him though, even if he makes less money. The publicity that the WWE brings to anyone is ten fold to what TNA brings. WWE would promote Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan would promote TNA. Big difference.


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