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Top 10 WCW Wrestlers

Where the big boys play.

Where the big boys play.

WCW. Ted Turner’s baby. The place where the big boys played. I bled WWF growing up and never watched much WCW at all. Mostly everything I know about WCW has come from watching clips and shows after the company had shut down. That doesn’t mean I can’t be an authority on WCW talent though. Here I will run down the ten very best WCW guys. Most these men did have runs with other companies but this will strictly be based on what they did during their time in Turnerland. Check out the list after the jump.

1.)Diamond Dallas Page

Is anybody cooler than DDP? One of the few men on this list that made his entire career in WCW and nowhere else. He is a 3x WCW World Champion, 2x WCW US Champion, 4x WCW Tag Team Champion, and 1x WCW TV Champion. So in short, he did it all in WCW. One of the most charismatic guys ever to set foot in a WCW ring and the master of the Diamond Cutter. What he has done after wrestling is probably even more impressive than his in ring career. It’s me. It’s me. It’s D.D.P.


Sting did it all without the WWE hype machine. Sting is a household name despite the fact that he never worked for the biggest promotion. The ability to reinvent himself is most impressive and Stinger has always been able to stay relevant. Blonde surfer Sting is my favorite, but Crow Sting, Wolfpack Sting, Joker Sting, all were good as well. He is an 8x WCW World Champion, 2x WCW US Champion, and 3x WCW Tag Team Champion.


Probably the biggest star WCW ever created. Goldberg was rivaling Stone Cold Steve Austin in popularity in the late 90’s. Goldberg was never a great worker, but that wasn’t the point of Goldberg. The music, the entrance, the chants, the attire, the moveset, the undefeated streak, everything combined to create a perfect storm. A 1x WCW World Champion, 2x WCW US Champion, and 1x WCW Tag Team Champion.

4.)Booker T

Booker T had an equally great career in WCW and WWE both. But WCW is where Booker T became the Booker T we know. From his days in Harlem Heat, to closing out WCW as World Champion. Booker did it all in WCW. A 5x WCW World Champion, 1x WCW US Champion, 10x WCW Tag Team Champion, and 6x WCW TV Champion.

5.)Scott Steiner

Innovative. Hostile. Violent. Just a few of the words you could use to describe Scott Steiner. “Freakzilla” has become a parody of himself in recent years. But watch this tribute video and you realize just how good Scott Steiner really was. The dude was truly an innovator in the ring. 1x WCW World Champion, 2x WCW US Champion, 6x WCW Tag Team Champion, and 2x WCW TV Champion. Holla if ya hear me!

6.)Ric Flair

Obvious choice. Nothing can be said about Flair that hasn’t already been said. The face of WCW/NWA for years. Truly one of the best. 9x WCW World Champion, and 6x WCW US Champion.

7.)Big Van Vader

One of the best big men of all time. Vader was truly a beast and his exploits in Japan are legendary, but WCW is where he made his biggest impression in the United States. Vader’s brutal feud with Cactus Jack is notorious, and he holds big victories over Sting. Vader was dominate, he was imposing. It’s time. It’s time. It’s Vader time. 3x WCW World Champion, and 1x WCW US Champion.

8.)Dean Malenko

Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Chis Benoit. All amazing technical wrestlers, universally praised as some of the best. For my money, Dean Malenko surpassed them all. The man of 1000 holds could always be counted on to have the best match on the card. An anchor of the WCW Cruiserweight Division. Not the biggest, not the baddest, but certainly the best worker. Malenko was a 4x WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 1x WCW US Champion, and 1x WCW Tag Team Champion.

9.)Rey Mysterio

Few people have took the wrestling world by storm as fast as Rey did when he arrived in WCW in 1996. He was doing things most American fans had never seen before. A true innovator in every since of the word. Rey has done a lot in WWE, but WCW was his first major national stage. A 5x WCW Cruiserweight Champion, 3x WCW Tag Team Champion, and 1x WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion.

10.)Jeff Jarrett 

Good old Double J. He broke 1000 guitars and never drew a dime. I actually don’t mind Jeff Jarrett. Yes almost all of his moveset is lifted from other wrestlers but he steals from the best. Jarrett tends to get a bad wrap because of how he has done business in the past, and because he was a central figure during some of WCW’s worst years, but at least he was a central figure. He also got real life fired on two national TV stations at once. Which is an impressive feat. A 4x WCW World Champion, and 3x WCW US Champion.

There you have it. The ten very best wrestlers WCW had to offer. Look for my ECW Top 10 coming shortly.




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