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Top 10 Canadian Wrestlers

Two of Canada's Finest

Two of Canada’s Finest and Earl Hebner.

Canada. America’s Hat. Home to Hockey, Health Care, and the Hart’s.

Canada has produced some of the very best in the professional wrestling business. Something is in the water up north. The country is still a veritable breeding ground for great workers. This list is the ten best Canadian wrestlers of all time.

10.) Roddy Piper

One of the lesser known Canadians so to speak. Piper doesn’t get mentioned a lot in the pantheon of Canadian greats, but there is always a spot on my list for the greatest heel ever.

9.) Lance Storm

From Calgary……Alberta, Canada. Lance Storm is perhaps the most technically gifted athlete on this entire list, and that is saying a lot. The attached video is still one of my favorite Lance Storm matches. Hell, even one of my favorite Danielson matches. What Storm lacked in promo ability, he more then made up for between the ropes.

8.) Killer Kowalski

Bruno’s main heel. A trainer of greats, and a true giant of a man. Kowalski gave a lifetime to the wrestling business. Whether it was in the ring, or training future legends, Kowalski gave more back to the business then perhaps any other.

7.) Bobby Roode

TNA’s greatest Canadian export. Roode has been a mainstay in TNA since the companies inception and the promotion has been smart to keep him. A tremendous hand in the ring and equally great on the mic. Roode is the youngest wrestler on this list and the only full timer, which says it all.

6.) Chris Benoit

Not much to say here. Or perhaps too much to say. Benoit will forever be the most polarizing figure in the history of professional wrestling. It is extremely difficult to separate the last few days of the mans life from his work in the ring, but strictly on a wrestling basis he is still one of the greatest of all time, which makes things even sadder.

5.) Trish Stratus

Trish is THE Canadian women’s wrestler. She is the greatest diva of all time so that naturally puts her on this list. Anytime you can fit a little Trish into your life that is a good thing. She is stunning, and she is a great worker in all facets.

4.) Owen Hart

From reading a plethora of biographies and stories, Owen was everyone’s favorite person. If you had met the man he had touched your life in someway and made it just a little bit better. His ribs are legendary and his personality unforgettable. The only thing that came close to matching his wonderful sense of humor and good nature was his wrestling ability. Countless good matches against all kinds of opponents. Owen was truly excellent.

3.) Chris Jericho

Born in New York. But let’s face it Chris Jericho is a Canadian wrestler. He got his start there, and laid the ground work for a Hall of Fame career up north. Jericho is one of the few guys on this list that is still active in the business, and his in ring work still shows why he shouldn’t hang it up anytime soon. Chris’s mic skills are as good if not better then his in ring ability and that is obviously saying a lot. A true all around professional.

2.) Edge

Edge put together quite a career before all was said and done. From his days with Christian, to his early singles run, to his exquisite heel run. Edge really did it all. He is a very close Number 2 on this list. One of the few guys that I have watched their whole career from beginning to end and it was a true honor.

1.) Bret Hart

Obvious Number 1 is really obvious. But is there anyone else? Honestly? Bret is and was a Canadian hero. A true countryman in every sense of the word. The mans career speaks for itself and the amount of exemplary matches is bar none. Bret is, was, and always will be, the greatest Canadian wrestler of all time.


So there’s the list. Agree? Disagree? Who would you add if anyone? Let me know in the comments section below.


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