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Why Sting Debuting in WWE is Bad

Did this really happen?

Did this really happen?

Bret Hart came back. Ultimate Warrior came back. The Streak was ended. Sting debuted in WWE. Wait…Sting debuted in WWE? Any longtime wrestling fan has dreamed of this day. Even if you aren’t necessarily a Sting mark, the sheer magnitude of this is something to truly appreciate and take in.

The rumors came up nearly every year like clockwork. Sting’s TNA contract is up. Will he finally jump ship? Every year Sting would remain in Dixieland. Not anymore. It finally happened.

Sting squared off against Triple H in a WWE ring at one of WWE’s biggest events. I am hear to tell you why that is a bad thing.

Obviously Sting finally signing a WWE contract isn’t itself necessarily a bad thing. This is something that should have happened years ago. But, Sting deserves to be in a relevant wrestling company. Sorry TNA fans. He deserves to be in the company that essentially owns his ENTIRE career in video form. At least the stuff that matters the most, and he deserves a true Hall of Fame induction in front of his peers and family. All of these are good things.

I can vividly remember watching wrestling since around ’94. That is 20 years of angles, debuts, comebacks, matches, promos, etc. Nothing, except that stuff listed at the beginning of this article can compare to what we saw last night. Hell, it may even top all of that. Smarks are expecting this to happen monthly it seems. That is a bad thing.

Subreddit r/squaredcircle was filled with mostly praise for Survivor Series, much of it directed towards Sting and the handling of his debut. Many clamored for people to sign up for the WWE Network, to show WWE that their hard work paid off, and that this is what we like to see. Everyone should indeed sign up for the Network, and Survivor Series was a great event, but debuts almost 30 years in the making don’t ever come along again.

Survivor Series minus Sting was a solid event. Every match that should have delivered, did. With Sting, it went to epic proportions. Smarks need to step back and recognize his debut for what it was. A once in a lifetime thing, that will never be duplicated or topped. To expect anything remotely close to this level ever again, is not only asinine, it is impossible. It is a standard for which WWE can never live up to.

Should WWE continue to strive to put on good events to help their Network out? Yes. That is a no brainer. Should fans expect this type of momentous occasion every month? No.

It is sad that this will most likely be the last true “mark out” moment in the rest of our fandom. Especially if you have been into wrestling for 10+ years. But what a hell of a “mark out” moment it was.

And to all the dumb asses who have nothing better to say but “I hated his entrance music.” You are the worst. You are not a wrestling fan. Just sit back, shut up, and know when you are witnessing history.


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