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Stinger Dream Matches

He's Here!

He’s Here!

People have been fantasy booking Sting for years, with much of it being a pipe dream. The biggest star to never compete for WWE has finally arrived though. While much of this fantasy booking will most likely stay a fantasy, it is fun to know that much of this could actually take place now.

1.) Undertaker

Obvious choice is obvious. The two most mythical figures in wrestling history. Just the idea that this can actually really happen gets me excited. It builds itself. The heart of WWE vs. the heart of WCW. The promo’s would be epic. The match itself would probably be easy going for these two. They wouldn’t have to do much at all to pop the crowd. Just them standing across from each other after the bell has rung should prompt, “this is awesome” chants. The entrances alone would be worth the price of admission.

2.) Triple H

Triple H vehemently hated WCW. He literally invaded the company. With last nights actions this one seems more likely than all the rest, and what a great match and build we could have. Triple H is the Ric Flair of this generation. They have a very similar style and approach in the ring. Sting’s greatest opponent was Ric Flair. Triple H is a student of the game and is obviously respectful of Sting’s legacy in this business. I wouldn’t expect anything less than a classic. The match itself would most likely top a match with ‘Taker.

3.) Bray Wyatt

Purely for the vignettes, the promos, and the build. Bray and Sting would mesh well in terms of the back and forth it takes to build a top quality program. The match itself is a bit of an unknown as I don’t know if the styles would mesh well. Especially at this point in Sting’s career. This is purely a selfish choice as Bray is definitely in my fave 5, but I feel there are others out their that have dreamed of this match up as well.


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