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The Case for Brian Cage


This isn’t going to be yet another article just continuously putting over the wrestler being talked about, saying he’s the best in the business, greatest of all time, or whatever grandiose titles you wanna throw on someone. No, this is going to be an article, or rather, just a giant question. WHY this guy isn’t somewhere else right now. Why isn’t he making money hand over fist? Why doesn’t he have a belt around his waist?

The first time I saw Brian Cage, he drew my attention. His look alone makes you take a double take. He’s 6 feet tall, and absolutely jacked. He looks like a god damn superhero, and that isn’t a bit of hyperbole. Remember in Dark Knight Rises, when Bane was putting the boots to Batman? Batty could have tagged in Brian Cage, and he’d have made quick work of him, without breaking a sweat. If I was a SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT company, and I was trying to attract the young audience, the same kinds of kids that adored the Ultimate Warrior’s and Hulk Hogan’s of yesteryear, I think just based on his look, I’m giving this man everything he wants and then some, or at least an “opportunity” to shine. Though he was signed with WWE for a brief bit in 2008, he was released a little over a year later for undisclosed reasons, I still see him as an asset to my current organization in 2015. Especially after hearing of supposed “frustrations” or what have you with the current lot of guys getting signed that don’t have the LOOK that WWE has been famous for wanting.

WWE signed a few guys these last couple years that are MASSIVE but there’s usually a downside to those big guys, and that’s the work. They just can’t go, they need rest after a minute or so, and it slows down the pace of the match too much. The thing with Cage is that it doesn’t happen, or at least it doesn’t happen as noticeably as it does for a lot of muscle-bound guys. He has an engine that just won’t quit. Though, my Brian Cage exposure has been nearly exclusively PWG, in which most guys HAVE to step their game up to be able to stand out at those spectacular shows, I still think he’s capable of these showings ANYWHERE. I’ve seen the guy do all the power moves you’d expect from someone as stacked as he is, but he can surprise you from time to time. Whether it be a 619, a running outside dive, a Lionsault, or a Frankensteiner. The guy can put in work, plain and simple, and make you literally say “wow”.

If there is any justice in this world, it’d be that this guy gets another opportunity with a major company, domestic or abroad, and proves his worth. With NJPW getting more and more popular around the world, and TNA doing a “relaunch” on a new cable network, it gives him (and others) somewhere else to go besides the giant conglomerate of WWE.

They say the cream always rises, and for Brian Cage, I hope so.

Check him out on social media, buy a shirt, and book him!


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