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What’s not to get with the Ascension?

"LOD 3000?"

“LOD 3000?”

As many know the Ascension was called up to the main roster, making their debut on RAW. They defeated Miz & Mizdow in what was a glorified squash match. I have followed the Ascension nearly since their inception. They dominated the NXT tag scene for a solid few years. Granted, the tag division doesn’t always house a plethora of teams, but still I dug their work. I still do. It seems that the common consensus among us fans now is that they aren’t that great, or they aren’t being handled that great. I agree that they aren’t being handled greatly but not for the same reasons as most.

I lurk on subreddit r/squaredcircle quite a bit. It is easily one of the best pro wrestling communities on the internet, with many insightful posters who have actual discussions about the business. That said, it seems that many have officially abandoned the Ascension train. The main reason…because they are a “Road Warriors/Demolition ripoff.” The gimmick is obviously in the same vein as said teams. Just go with it. There hasn’t been a Road Warriors rip off since…well…Demolition. 25 years ago.

I love the throwback and really dig the yelling promos. Its something that isn’t done hardly at all in today’s business so its actually really fresh. Don’t automatically tune out because they wear face paint and shoulder pads now. Enjoy the camp. It is fun. Wrestling is supposed to be fun.

I do not like how WWE initially had them squash what is essentially a heel team, making it seem that the Ascension were going to be babyface. But then have them cut a heel promo the following week, bashing both the Road Warriors and Demolition. I feel paying tribute to both teams would have been the better way to go. Especially when they have JBL running them down on commentary.

Just enjoy it. Hopefully the camp continues. WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND!


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