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Bray Wyatt’s biggest downfall is himself

"He's here"

“He’s here”

Bray Wyatt is the most intriguing guy to grace WWE TV in quite a long time. He gets significant promo time in an era where not a lot do. His promos are often laced with peaks and crescendos. He speaks in riddles and outlandish statements about sisters named Abigail, buzzards, devils, darkness, etc. His greatest asset is his mouth. It is what separates him from the rest of the roster but it will also be his greatest undoing.

I have read countless times that Wyatt writes his own promos. Which in this day and age should be commended beyond belief. When most guys are used to reciting scripted lines given to them every Monday. Bray is actually living and breathing his character by emotionally investing himself not only into his matches, but also his tremendous promos.

Bray makes you actually listen to his promos. He speaks every line with purpose and nothing is taken for granted. He makes you think past the wrestling cliche’s and into something deeper. I love Bray for this. His promos are a highlight of every Raw for me. To see someone dedicated to the craft as much as him is an honor.

However, he sticks out like a sore thumb. No one is cutting promos laced with as much layers as Bray is on today’s roster. Don’t get me wrong. There are some very good talkers in WWE right now. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose just to name two. Bray cuts “different” promos. Obviously that is what his character dictates.

I don’t think the average wrestling fan likes to think though. I don’t think the average “smark” likes to think. To sit through a five minute promo that isn’t filled with catch phrases, jokes, or insane amounts of yelling, seems like a chore for most.

Much like Jake Roberts I feel that Bray will always have a place on the card and be featured in top programs. He is different enough to catch peoples eyes but too different to ever be positioned in a long run with or fighting for the WWE title.

I think a face turn is possible and possible without completely neutering his character, but I don’t think it would ever put him into top guy status. Time will tell.

Hopefully I am over thinking things. Perhaps Bray doesn’t need to be in WWE title programs? Much like Jake and Roddy before him, he could perhaps be bigger than the title someday?


1 Comment on Bray Wyatt’s biggest downfall is himself

  1. wrestling with breakfast // December 18, 2015 at 3:54 pm // Reply

    Good points! I think he was booked badly in the Brothers of Destruction match, imagine what that would have done for the character if he was to tale out the Undertaker.

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