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Review – Owen: Hart of Gold


Enough is enough and it’s time for a dvd!

One of the most long awaited and anticipated WWE Home Videos of all time was finally released at the beginning of December. Owen: Hart of Gold, the 2 disc Blu-Ray (3 Disc DVD) set chronicles the life and career of one of the most revered WWE superstars of all time, Owen Hart. REVIEW AFTER THE JUMP.

The Hart family story is one that has been told ad nausem for quite some years. WWE alone has multiple home video releases detailing Bret Hart’s career and the entire Hart families exploits. The one missing piece of the puzzle was Owen’s story. This set does a nice job of detailing Owen’s career throughout Calgary, Japan, Mexico, WCW and the WWE. One of my personal favorite segments is the time spent on Owen and Bret’s initial feud and Owen’s first heel turn. The stories told of how dedicated the brothers were to the feud is refreshing in a day and age where kayfabe has long been dead and buried.

The first disc is the documentary, that while a tad short does do a good job of hitting all major points of Owen’s career with commentary from peers, family, and disciples. The best part of the documentary bar none is the “Owen Tales” section, where wrestlers pick their own favorite Owen stories, often involving a rib or two. I am going to be completely honest here, the documentary is well paced and has a lot of good history and commentary on Owen as a worker and his career, but I came for the stories, the ribs, and the man’s personality. So, the “Owen Tales” were definitely my biggest highlight of disc 1.

WWE handles the accident that tragically ended Owen’s life very well. They simply have family and friends talk about how it affected them, no fluff, nothing unnecessary. The touching stories from Mark Henry, Edge, Christian, and even those who never met the man, like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, are a true highlight and give you a great glimpse into the life of Owen Hart.

Disc 2 is personally my favorite as it is only filled with Owen stories. Ribs, personal stories, and everything in between. Even with the amount of stories on this 2 hour + disc, I have a feeling they could have filled another 3 or 4 discs worth of just Owen stories. It’s always good to relive classic moments and career highlights in a documentary, but the stories are what I want to hear and WWE delivered on this disc.

Disc 3 holds the matches of the set. The pickings from his Stampede days, early WWF days, and the lone WCW match interest me the most. But the match listing is a good comprehensive career chronicle that any fan should be satisfied with.

Everything considered, WWE did a great job handling a controversial subject that is Owen Hart’s life and death. Sadly, none of this ever should’ve been controversial and this set should’ve been released years ago. It’s obvious that the fans and even his peers want to relive Owen’s antics, matches, and life. Hopefully this leads to the much deserved and greatly overdue Hall of Fame induction.

This set is a must see for any fan of Owen, any fan of 90’s WWF, or anybody a fan of legendary ribs.


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