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What makes NXT so great?


The very best brand in WWE

Perhaps the most perplexing problem with today’s WWE is the extreme difference in quality between WWE’s “developmental” brand and its main roster. Most explanations point to the fact that for all intents and purposes NXT is still very very new. It still has a freshness to it. The faces are “mostly” new, the name is new, the feuds are “new.” Freshness isn’t what makes NXT different and it isn’t what makes NXT great…in fact it is the complete opposite. MORE AFTER THE JUMP.

Familiarity is what makes NXT so great. It is wrestling, and that is literally all it is. NXT features bad guys vs good guys, it features matches that have a purpose, it features talent that are given the opportunity to shine, it’s a brand that extenuates the positives and hides the negatives.

NXT is very simple which makes it very different than the main roster PPVs and shows. RAW is entirely over produced. The set, the lighting, even the matches, everything is meticulously planned and it shows. NXT is very organic and everything comes across as more natural as a result.

The RAW of 2016 is a literal far cry from the RAW of 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. It feels and acts as if it is an entirely different show all together. Obviously modern technology and HDTV have changed a lot of things, but then why does NXT feel more like the RAW of 1998 then the actual RAW does?

You can’t fault the talent. The main roster has just as many talented men and woman as NXT does, but you can fault writers, you can fault producers and you can fault people over complicating a proven formula.

Everything is back to basics with NXT and shit actually makes sense. Simple is better. Wrestling isn’t rocket science. Bad guy vs Good guy. Title Matches. Characters that make sense and can connect to an audience. Competitive and athletic matches. The NXT brand has gone back to basics and that’s what makes it so refreshing.



4 Comments on What makes NXT so great?

  1. Nobody said it better.

  2. I hope the posts from the last few days is your future. I like your work. Maybe you were busy

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