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Why Bullet Club/Nakamura to WWE is Bigger Than It Already Is


One more time? This time in WWE?

Unless you have been living under a rock you have already heard about the rumors of most of the Bullet Club and Shinsuke Nakamura jumping ship from NJPW to WWE. This by itself is huge news and is perhaps the biggest talent acquisition since the Radicalz jumped from WCW. After the jump though I’am going to breakdown why this is bigger than it already seems.

On the surface Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, AJ Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura signing with WWE is massive. The sheer fact that WWE is interested in 4 proven talents, 2 of which are perennial main eventers, is interesting alone. Minus Samoa Joe, WWE has shied away from promoting or signing wrestlers who have made their names elsewhere. In the last few weeks I think I have seen AJ Styles and Bullet Club on WWE’s social media feeds more than their own workers.

Another rumor that has been floating around is that Nakamura and AJ will be going straight to the main roster and not NXT. Since NXT has been a thing every signing has gone through its doors. It seems that some big signings have even been strictly regulated to just NXT i.e. Samoa Joe.

If there is any credence to the rumor of main rosterdom one can deduce that Styles and Nakamura have commanded a pretty hefty price tag. I think it is also safe to assume that this is a Triple H move. It has his finger prints all over it, and I don’t think Vince would seem so keen to promote a TNA guy and a NJPW guy all over social media and then instantly capitalize on the buzz.

I guess some could be disappointed that these guys won’t be paired against the immensely talented NXT roster, but the precedent that this could set can set the stage for major change. Granted, there is not many people left in the world with the name value of Styles and Nakamura not working for WWE already, but that isn’t to say there won’t be in a few years. What if we go back to a day where a guy can make an instant splash, like the Radicalz, like Chris Jericho, like Rey Mysterio.

But whats to come for NXT Champion Finn Balor? Are Anderson and Gallows headed to NXT to reunite with the former Prince? Or is Mr. Balor headed to the main roster as well? In any case, I like to think that Trips is starting to take over more on RAW and they need to let the NJPW boys do their thing…change will follow.



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