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Review – “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”


This poster is glorious.

Anybody with even a passing interest in wrestling knows about Jake Roberts’ struggle with addiction and the trials and tribulations that have come from his demons. Most were aware of Diamond Dallas Page taking on the very difficult and personal task of trying to help Jake kick his demons. Now, we finally have the inside story of what went down in the “Accountability Crib.” How does this documentary handle tackling such an enigmatic figure like Jake “The Snake” Roberts? FIND OUT AFTER THE JUMP.

“The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” was released earlier this week on iTunes to what has been resounding positive reviews. I am not here to break that trend. The new documentary is a well paced, well told, well shot, and extremely heartfelt story about addiction, family, friendship, and of course professional wrestling.

The film chronicles Jake’s setbacks and triumphs throughout his entire stay with DDP. It kicks off with some nice exposition from peers about Jake’s importance to the industry, which sets up the “resurrection” nicely.

I love the fact that cameras were rolling since day 1 of Jake’s journey. We see his very first attempts at DDP Yoga, and follow along with his days of sobriety and even his falls off the wagon. The growth shown throughout the film is truly astounding from all involved. You see friendships tested and hard work pay off. You also get to see very human sides from men who often rarely show any vulnerability at all.

The transformation that Roberts goes through over 18 months is truly inspiring. You see Jake start moving around much easier, you see his spirits rise and you see the DDP Yoga program and sobriety transform Roberts. Half way through the film Scott Hall joins the crib and you see equally astounding results out of Hall.

Hall was a shell of his former self when he joined the program. Seeing Hall close to suicide and being pushed around in a wheel chair is a sad sight to say the very least, but to see where Hall ends up is amazing.

The film ends with Hall and Roberts taking their rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. A feat which shouldn’t be understated. Without the hard work and dedication put in by both men, that induction most likely would’ve never happened. I like the irony that perhaps what the men went through during their time with DDP was perhaps the biggest challenge of their respective careers and lives, and perhaps it led to the biggest reward.

This documentary is truly a human piece about love, family, friendship, addiction, health and everything in between. Anybody, should be able to take something away from this story. Wrestling fan or not. Anybody who has struggled with addiction or have had family members struggle with the disease will be able to instantly relate to these two men. But on the same token anybody who has struggled with their weight or health will also be able to relate and more importantly find inspiration.

Please check out “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake” available for purchase on iTunes now. Look for it on other digital distributors later down the line.


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