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Money In The Bank 2016: Pick Em

It's everyone's third favorite time of the year!

It’s everyone’s third favorite time of the year! Money in the Bank!

The Money in the Bank event, and match have become one of my most anticipated events of the whole WWE year. Only behind the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. The match itself is usually a satisfying car crash that sets up a plethora of exciting possibilities around the winner for many months after. The whole concept of the cash in has been perfected, slightly predictable at times, but always exciting. With the brand split imminent and a possible second World title, this years Money in the Bank winner will possibly have even more opportunities to cash in. This years match has the make up to be a classic ladder match. The cast of characters is great, but who has the best shot of walking out of Las Vegas the Money in the Bank winner?

Dean Ambrose:

Dean is my personal favorite to win the briefcase this year. They have teased the big one for Dean since the Shield broke up and it’s now or never. The briefcase would fit in perfectly with Dean and the unpredictability of his cash in would be something WWE could really play up. It’s clear to me at this point that they are never gone give Dean the traditional big one, no matter how over he gets. But, Money in the Bank could be a perfect route to go to get Dean back into the title picture and eventually get a World title on him.

Kevin Owens:

Owens is a close second. I could see WWE holding off on this for another year, but Owens is poised to breakout. He is one of the most consistent heels on the roster and seems to always have the best match of the night. I would enjoy an Owens victory but I would probably enjoy Owens winning his first World title the natural way. Still, I could see WWE going with Owens here and see him having nearly as much of a shot as Dean at the moment.


The first dark horse in the match. Cesaro has been getting a decent push since coming back from injury and it seems WWE is finally letting Cesaro come into his own. Mic time and relevant feuds seem to be all you need, who would of thunk it? Cesaro is a workhorse and it’s awesome to see him finally getting the attention he so sorely deserves but I highly doubt they will give him the briefcase rub. I sincerely see Cesaro making a big impact when the brand split comes, but not until the brand split comes.

Sami Zayn:

It has been refreshing to see that Sami has had a fair amount of success and big matches on the main roster since his call up from NXT. If I thought anyone would have been mishandled it would have been Zayn. That doesn’t mean that he is going over here though. Zayn is the newest member on the roster in this match and I don’t see him getting a big Money in the Bank push just yet. Much like Cesaro, Zayn will greatly benefit from the brand split, and I could see a briefcase come his way sometime down the road, but not this year.

Alberto Del Rio:

Del Rio has officially fallen into the category of a great hand who will be stuck doing the same thing for the rest of his career. He will always have a spot in the upper mid card, he will have good to great matches with whoever he is matched up with, but I don’t see him reaching the top of the card again. Maybe with the brand split Del Rio can find new life. He will have some good spots in the match and that’s about it, he has zero chance of walking out with the briefcase.

Chris Jericho:

Jericho is in there as a veteran presence to help control the match. It is awesome to see what Jericho has done with this current run he has had with WWE. It is obvious he relishes working with all the new talent and this match will be no different. Obviously Y2J isn’t going to get the win but that isn’t why Jericho is there. Jericho will probably never hold another title in his career, and that is perfectly fine, he is eternally over and is passing it on.

This years match has the makings to be a true classic. Ambrose, Owens, Zayn, and Cesaro have great chemistry in the ring, Del Rio and Jericho add some nice veteran presence and have the ability to create some memorable spots themselves. Throw in ladders and the implications of Money in the Bank and you have the recipe for success.


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