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Top 5 Money In The Bank Cash Ins


The art of cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase has been pretty much perfected. The concept has been around for 11 years now, and we have had 16 different cash ins along the way, so we have had over a decade of examples. Nearly every cash in is exciting but that doesn’t mean that some, more than others, had greater impact and excitement than the rest. Check out the Top 5 MITB cash ins.

You will always remember your first. This was such an amazing moment. The excitement of the cash in, Cena bloodied and beaten from the Elimination Chamber, Edge’s first WWE title win, the very first cash in set the standard for all future cash ins. Edge heads everywhere rejoiced.

The fourth ever cash in saw CM Punk take advantage of Edge after a beating by Batista just minutes before. CM Punk would obviously go onto bigger and better things but this was the first time the company showed some faith in the man. It was also poetic justice that Edge was getting a taste of his own medicine, having cashed in the briefcase two times before this on unsuspecting champions.

The most unorthodox cash in of all time. Instead of taking advantage of a broken down champion, Rob Van Dam chose the perfect place and time to cash in his MITB contract. One Night Stand 2. New York City. RVD set up the match a few weeks prior, and gave champion John Cena ample time to prepare. The ensuing match, crowd, environment, and everything in between, is must see.

A scene that I never thought would have happened. Daniel Bryan hoisting a WWE World title above his head. Even after Bryan won the briefcase I was still in denial. Figuring that he would be the first man to unsuccessfully cash in the contract. I was proven wrong, and Bryan would cash in at TLC 2011 on the Big Show, successfully I might add.

Seth Rollins became the first man to cash in at Wrestlemania and will forever be remembered as one of the most infamous cash ins of all time. He also became the first man to use the contract to interject himself into an already on going match, which made this cash in one of the most unpredictable ever. Everyone expected a definitive winner at Wrestlemania 31 between Brock and Roman, but no one expected a Triple Threat.

Will this years Money in the Bank contract winner add his name to the list of the best all time contract cash ins? Or will he fall short and join the likes of Jack Swagger and Sheamus on the list of duds.


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